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Yahoo Japan in English – Japanese Auctions

Looking for rare Japanese items? Forget eBay.  Yahoo Japan is the promised land.   The following tutorial will show you how you can browse, bid, and buy items available on Yahoo Japan auctions- in English, and ship the items you win, to your home, anywhere on the...
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Rockingham 2016

Yet another fantastic hard rock/AOR festival has come to a close.  Admittedly, the turnout for this year’s Rockingham left plenty to be desired.  But, when it comes to AOR/hard rock music, quantity seldom takes merit over quality.  I’d rather be surrounded...

Metal CDs with different cover art in Japan

There’s no doubt it: if you’re looking for the gold standard in CD and record collecting, nothing comes close to owning the original Japanese edition of your favorite album. There’s good reason why Japanese editions of readily available albums, have been demanding...

Japanese Metal & Hard Rock Bands A to Z

If you’re like most die-hard metalheads, you probably consider yourself an expert in metal music.  You may not be a fan of every sub-genre (glam, AOR, speed metal, neo-classical metal, power metal, heavy metal, NWOBHM, thrash metal, death metal, grind, black metal,...

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