Earn money online with Kupiku Affiliate Program

May 15, 2017

Earn money by sharing Kupiku with your friends.

Kupiku now offers a simple, easy to use Affiliate program.  An affiliate program, essentially is a method by which a website rewards people for introducing new customers to them, enabling you to earn money online.  Let’s say you’ve been using Kupiku for some time, and you feel your friends would benefit from using our service.  All you need to do is share links to our website with your friends (or anyone else you feel might benefit from our service) and when someone clicks on any of the special links you’ve placed around the web, our system will know that their visit came directly from one of your links.  These special links are called “Affiliate Links” because they contain a special ID that is unique to your account.  It’s a relatively easy way for anyone to earn money online.
From any item page on Kupiku.com, you can get the special link for a given product using this simple method (make sure you are signed into your Kupiku account):

Kupiku Affiliate Program

Kupiku Affiliate Program


How do I actually post a link?

The only thing you need to do next, is to post the copied link anywhere on the web where you feel people will be interested in that particular item.  To post a link that you copied a moment ago, simply press Ctrl+V or, Shift+Insert keys on your keyboard, or using your mouse, Right-Click and then select “Paste” when your cursor is in any comment section of a website or anywhere else you’d like to post the link.
Here’s an example, if you want to share the Kupiku link in the comments section of a blog.  You can do this in the YouTube comments section, in a Facbook post, or anywhere else you’d like to share a Kupiku link.  Remember, the more places you post Kupiku links the more likely people are to click on that link, and eventually place an order.
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How can I get the most clicks on my links?

Be sure to post links in the most relevant areas possible.  For example, if you find an article or YouTube video that talks about Japanese fashion, and you post a link to a video game on Kupiku, chances are- no one will click on the link.  But, if you find a video where someone is talking about a Rockman X Japanese video game for Famicom, and you post a link to exactly that same game on Kupiku, you’re likely to get a lot of people clicking on the link, and some will place an order.  For person who does place the order, you’ll receive your reward.  Please read our Affiliate F.A.Q. section for more details on our Affiliate program terms and conditions.

How much money can I earn online with Kupiku?

Kupiku will reward you $10 or 4% of the order value, whichever is higher (before shipping costs) once a person places their order on Kupiku.com within 60 days of their first click on your link.  If someone places an order for a CD that cost them only $5, we’ll reward you $10.  If they place an order for a $1000 item, we would reward you $40, as in that case 4% is higher than $10.  Please read our Affiliate Program F.A.Q. section for more information.

Need more information?

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.