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List Of All New Japanese CD & Vinyl Releases

By September 7, 2017October 7th, 2021No Comments

Interested in a quick & easy way to find a daily-updated list of all upcoming new Japanese CD & Vinyl releases?  Read on.  The quick tutorial below will help you find virtually every Japanese CD & Vinyl new release scheduled for release in the coming days, weeks, and months, and provide you with an easy way to pre-order them- even if you live outside of Japan.
First, visit this Amazon Japan page.  It shows 1000s of Japanese CD and Vinyl new releases as they are announced in Japan.  This list is updated daily.
Once there, scroll down to see the filter below on the left:

Click on any of those filters to browse Japanese CDs & Records about to be (or already) released in Japan.
Once you find a Japanese CD or Vinyl record you’d like, placing an order for it can be done via  Keeping in mind, the majority of Japanese items offered on Japanese websites like Amazon Japan, do not offer service to customers living outside of Japan.  This is where comes in very handy.
Click on any item you’re interested in.  Let’s say it’s this CD.
Next, find the item’s ASIN (it’s a unique code that identifies the item: it’s 10 alpha-numeric characters long, starts with the letter «B» and looks something like this: B000E1KN70 )
There are two ways to find it.  You can either locate it within the item’s URL, or scroll down on the item page, and look under Product Details.

Take the ASIN (let’s say we’ll work with B000E1KN70), and either place it into the search bar at, or, if you’re feeling bold, simply put the ASIN right into a item url.
Here’s a random product page on
See that «ASIN» in the URL above?  Just replace the one you see, with the ASIN of the item you want (let’s say B000E1KN70) to get:
…and now you can order (or pre-order) virtually any item released in Japan.
You can use this method to order virtually any item available on Amazon Japan, for a price similar to what you’d pay in Japan.
Questions?  Suggestions?  Leave a comment, and we’ll be happy to follow-up as soon as we’re done going through the latest box of Japanese CDs we’ve just received.  🙂

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